Terms of Use

Dear guests, I am a small private landlord, not a hotel chain. Basically, everything applies between you and me, what the common sense says :-) and I would like to leave it at that. Unfortunately, today's world is not that simple (although I would like it to be, especially in such a relaxed accommodation), so there are a few rules. In particular, my/your neighbors would like the vacation settlement to be used quietly, in the interest of all.

Rental and payment conditions for my cottages  5a, 19a, 56a and 57a in the Romantika II settlement in Rust on Lake Neusiedl

This agreement is concluded between the tenant and the landlord. Information given by telephone, additional agreements and other assurances are only part of the agreement if they have been confirmed in writing by the landlord. The rental property includes a lakeside cabin with terrace including building services, furniture, fixtures and other inventory. The boat is not part of the rental agreement. You can use the boat if it works, but you have no legal claim to a full boat for the duration of the vacation, if it should be defective or e.g. because of water level a sailing on the lake is not possible. Each cottage has a boat, but there is the idea of boat sharing. If your boat is not working, the friendly guests of the other two cabins should partially help out, UNLESS they are using it themselves. If this is not possible, you can rent a boat for one hour/day at my expense from the boat rental (a few 100 meters away).

1. the tenant receives a booking confirmation from the landlord (by mail) after receiving the written booking from the tenant (by internet, by phone).

2. by the booking confirmation the acknowledgement of this rental agreement becomes legally effective for the lessee. At the same time, the Lessee makes the payment of the rental price or a deposit (depending on the agreement, period until the beginning of the vacation, etc.) by means of bank transfer to the Lessor's bank account or any other payment methods offered by the Lessor. By all these procedures, the Lessee has bindingly agreed to the Lessor to conclude a rental and payment agreement for vacation purposes, thus he/she has also accepted the Internet description of the Lessor's vacation offer, the Lessor's prices valid at the time of booking, as well as the following payment, reservation and other terms and conditions of the Lessor. 

3. the tenant has to send a photo of all passports of the guests with the booking by mail, because this is necessary for the guest sheet. Rental prices Rental prices, seasonal periods and rental periods are described online and are binding, the price mention refers to one rental period at a time. Deposit is to be paid extra. Deposit For damages in/on the house, terrace or boat, which occur during the rental period and are the responsibility of the tenant, the tenant is fully liable, even if no deposit was claimed. The same applies to missing inventory (compared to the inventory list). No worries, nothing has ever been missing, sounds stricter than it is.

The rental price includes the following services provided by the landlord: 1. transfer of the rental property for use during the rental period. 2. provision of bed linen, hand and shower towels, tea towels during the rental period for use in the rooms of the vacation home. 3. assumption of energy costs (water, electricity, heating, cooling, gas for barbecue) by the landlord. 4. boat: if the boat is not available due to defect etc., the compensation of the lessor is limited as follows: the guest can borrow a boat in the harbor at the expense of the lessor, but for a maximum total duration corresponding to 2 hours of boating per day for each day of the stay (but can also be redeemed e.g. by the day, so e.g. a whole day corresponds to 8 or 10 hours, depending on the conditions of the boat rental company).

Occupancy of the cottage The cottage has a maximum of 5 sleeping places. In individual cases, we can agree whether perhaps more people are possible. In case of unauthorized overcrowding, the landlord may terminate the agreement without notice and compensation and retain the rent paid. All houses are IN WATER, no LIABILITY is assumed for non-swimmers and children. The two sleeping places below the roof can only be reached with a steep ladder (at cottage 57a the ladder is still the most relatively comfortable, but still ...) and therefore not suitable for people with limited mobility or small, not sure-footed children. No liability by the landlord.

Cancellation policy

The tenant is granted a contractual right of withdrawal until the start of the rental period. The withdrawal from the rental agreement must be declared to the landlord in writing (mail is sufficient, date of receipt by the landlord is decisive). The landlord can demand compensation for the arrangements made and expenses incurred. Thus, in case of cancellation of the rental contract less than 60 days before the start of the rental period 15%, up to the 45th day before the start of the rental period 33%, up to the 30th day before the start of the rental period 66%, up to the 14th day before the start of the rental period 80% cancellation fee is due. For shorter cancellations, the entire amount is due. However, there is a FAIRNESS clause: since I don't want to make money on your misfortune, after all nobody likes to cancel their vacation, there is no cancellation fee if the accommodation can still be rented (minus 10% handling fee and any discounts (e.g. last minute) that had to be granted).